The Performance Squad is the top squad of Bridgend County Swim Squad and has historically produced International, British and Welsh National Medallists.

The squad swimmers follow a performance programme set out by professional Head Coach – Billy Pye, for swimmers to reach their full potential.

Swimmers within the Performance Squad will begin to learn to train as performance swimmers, using the skills and technique developed from the competitive skills squad, to train within specific zones, adhere to a competition calendar and be aiming to compete at the highest level possible.

Junior Performance

Junior performance squad is now preparing swimmers for competition.

They will now have four proficient strokes and be able to perform correct starts and turns and again introducing a high standard of skills and drills to develop their swimming further where a high aerobic development will be paramount, whilst showing a high level of commitment.

Testing protocols will now be established to maximize the evaluation and improvement through the season.

The average age range of this squad is between 11-15 and will be competing at our “Young Olympians” internal race nights but also at levels 1-3 in the national competition calendar. The aim of this group is to make Welsh summer national standards.

There are six sessions available per week plus land training, with swimmers being expected to attend all or as many as possible to further their development.

There is a weekly programme designed to have a well balanced and coordinated approach for swimmers to peak at race performance at key dates throughout the year. We strive to achieve this in a supportive and enjoyable environment and start to learn the importance of “the team” through a series of team building activities like relays at the end of the sessions.

Monday7.00pm - 8.30pmMaesteg
Tuesday6.45pm - 8.15pmPyle
Wednesday7.00pm - 9.00pmYnysawdre
Friday5.30am - 7.00amYnysawdre
Friday6.30pm - 8.00pmMaesteg
Sunday6.30pm - 8.00pmYnysawdre

Senior Performance

Senior performance is by invite only and through progression from Junior Performance and is designed for swimmers who make Welsh and British Summer National Championships.

Swimmers will now be starting to specialise and develop their key events to produce on a national and international stage, albeit with the emphasis on individual medley.

There are nine sessions available per week plus land training and swimmers are expected to attend all or at least five sessions per week. Swimmers will have strong skills on all aspects of the four strokes and will compete on a programme designed by the head coach to achieve our aims and objectives.

A high level of testing protocols will be established to show improvement and evaluation through the season. There is a weekly programme designed to have a well balanced and coordinated approach for swimmers to peak at race performance at key dates throughout the year.

The age range for Senior Performance is 13 plus with the main focus on perfecting technique, with swimmers showing great technical and tactical awareness in both training and competition.

Monday5.30am - 7.00amYnysawdre
Monday6.15pm - 8.15pmPencoed
Tuesday7.00pm - 9.00pmYnysawdre
Wednesday5.30am - 7.00amYnysawdre
Wednesday5.15pm - 7.00pmMaesteg
Thursday4.30pm - 6.00pmPyle
Friday5.30am - 7.00amYnysawdre
Friday5.00pm - 7.00pmPyle
Saturday6.00am - 8.00amYnysawdre