The Youth/Senior club squad is a new group designed for those swimmers who reach a particular age and want to carry on with their swimming without the emphasis on competing.

The age range of this group will be from 15 years plus and will be designed around the needs of each individual. This group will include non competitors, triathletes, lifeguards etc.

Currently, there are four sessions available per week, but we have the capacity to develop further if we require, through the volume of swimmers.

There is no stipulation on the amount of sessions to attend but swimmers will be encouraged to attend all or most of the sessions available.

Sunday6.30pm - 8.00pmYnysawdre
Monday5.30am - 7.00amYnysawdre
Wednesday5.15pm - 7.00pmMaesteg
Friday5.30am - 7.00amYnysawdre